What is a real estate agent

So you want to sell your home fast? Chances are you will need a real estate agent in Cincinnati, Ohio. Your normal real estate agent charges for their services through a commission, which is frequently roughly 5% of the list price of the home. The listing representative charges the complete 5% from the seller, then pays out a predetermined quantity of their commission to the purchaser’s representative, which is typically an even split or close to it. For instance, for a $700,000 sale, the commission each representative makes would be roughly $17,500.

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cincinnati real estate agentWhat is a Real Estate Consultant

A consultant, on the other hand, charges a per hour rate for their professional services. Their payment is typically paid at the close of escrow, just as a regular commission is, with the exception of clients who decide not to offer or purchase after all. For example, if your expert works 30 hours to help you discover a house and charges $125 per hour, you’ll owe them $3,750 at closing. This is clearly a portion of the cost of a typical Cincinnati real estate agent, which additional money they ‘d otherwise charge for commission will be yours whether you are a purchaser or seller.