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New Philadelphia, Ohio

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a professional granted a license to represent buyers or sellers in real estate transactions. Normally, a real estate agent operates on contract, getting charged a share of the selling price of the land. Real estate agents have two types.  The listing agent and the buying agent. Listing agents will help in selling your house through while the buying agents help you of course in buying a house. They have a lot of contacts, directories and they have ideas on how a building is constructed. They would ask you for what specific house or property you desire to have and they will do their best they can to be of service for you.

Real Estate Consultation

Real estate consulting companies offer clients such as building owners, investment institutions, mortgage borrowers, product manufacturers, contractors, and land buyers with data, study, and advice services. Giving consultations will help any investor make wise decisions for his or her investments. They will guide you on what is the best option to choose among the many options being offered. With the help of them, decision making is now made easy. Consultants have been advanced in doing research and in looking for the best thing to do in handling businesses. Their primary responsibility is to serve the clients with the assistants that they should have.

New Philadelphia, Ohio

New Philadelphia is a city in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, United States. It is 85 kilometers south of Cleveland and 119 kilometers northeast of Columbus. The current population of this city is 17,383, it is the 105th largest city in Ohio and the 2074th largest city in the United States.

Early factories in the city focused on mining interests and steel production, canned goods, roofing tiles, drainage pipes, bricks, vacuum cleaners, stovepipes, wagons, feed, brooms, and printed, painted, and enameling materials because of the availability of coal and cement.

The city was named after Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. New Philadelphia was founded in 1804, John Knisely, the founder of the city, with his family and 33 other settlers, moved to Ohio in 1804 and even employed surveyor John Wells to plan New Philadelphia in the same grid design as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That is why the design of the city has similarities with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The city’s two major avenues are High Street and Broadway, each called after two of Philadelphia ‘s key arteries.

This city expanded quickly, reaching more than one thousand inhabitants in 1846. The position of New Philadelphia on the Ohio and Erie Canal is one of the key reasons for this rapid and this made the city a trading center.

In 1772, as a mission to the Delaware Indians, the Moravian Church founded Schoenbrunn (“beautiful spring”); The village expanded and included 60 households and over 300 settlers who drew up the first civil code for Ohio and established their first Christian church and schoolhouse. Problems relating to the American Revolution lead to the closing of Schoenbrunn in 1777.

Just like all the places, this city also has beautiful landmarks. One example is Tuscora Park. This park is a municipal park featuring a carousel, Ferris wheel, train, and other rides, as well as miniature golf and batting cages. This is initially built as a project of the “Works Progress Administration”, This park is now adorned with initial stone construction fences, sidewalks, and retaining walls. The park is now the home of the Park Place Teen Center, which provides entertainment of all sorts for high school students.

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